Vacation is a short video about quiet moments on a beautiful journey.

This is a portrait of Thomas Berktold and his pottery. I really enjoy the calmness and awareness he´s radiating. Find this place in Innsbruck and online. My friend Martin Bayer composed and recorded the music.

Departuresession with Nenda & Gilewicz.

Musicvideo: vonBonsai - Binsenweisheit (Beat by Birdhousebeats)

This event means a lot to me since it happens right behind the house where I grew up. Its not only about old motorcylces but also about having a great time in the whole village with different events, acts, expositions and get-togethers. 

I made this film with my friend Felix Kainz. More information online.

Trailer for the event Auerbergklassik 2022. 

This is Earl Mobley playing some of his recent songs at the departure Session in Innsbruck. Besides the stunning scenery and the high-class artists, the Talstation Innsbruck delivers some standing out quality when it comes to live sessions!

A short social media clip for the upcoming event Culinary meets art , hostet by Stoke Six Agency.

A socialmedia clip for Pizzerei Innsbruck.

Production: Stoke Six Agency

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