This is a portrait of Thomas Berktold and his pottery. I really enjoy the calmness and awareness he´s radiating. Find this place in Innsbruck and online. My friend Martin Bayer composed and recorded the music.

This event means a lot to me since it happens right behind the house where I grew up. Its not only about old motorcylces but also about having a great time in the whole village with different events, acts, expositions and get-togethers. 

I made this film with my friend Felix Kainz. More information online.

Trailer for the event Auerbergklassik 2022. 

A socialmedia clip for Pizzerei Innsbruck.

This is Earl Mobley playing some of his recent songs at the departure Session in Innsbruck. Besides the stunning scenery and the high-class artists, the Talstation Innsbruck delivers some standing out quality when it comes to live sessions!

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